The X-LAM construction system

X-Lam panels are solid plywood panels that combine the characteristics of traditional construction methods with the environmentally beneficial properties of wood.

Given their versatility, any type of construction can be built with these panels : homes, blocks of flats, free standing constructions and extensions.

One of the greatest advantages of this building method is the dimensional stability and the rigidity of the panels that render them particularly suitable for anti-seismic construction and indeed for any type of building, multi- storey included.

The layers are glued together alternating the grain direction which dramatically reduces flexing and bending thus making the panel an ideal building material for various constructions.

The Benefits of the X-Lam system

Solid construction capabilities: acoustic insulation, fire protection REI 30-90, structural functionality, mass storage capacity, and construction rate stability.

Living comfort: the surface temperature is similar to the room temperature

Short construction time: fast and dry assembly

Space saving: reduced thickness of the structure for eco - friendly, self- sufficient homes

Prefabrication: affordable construction thanks to the fact that the whole wall is prefabricated

Anti-seismic: the joints that link the various elements of the building are screwed together and this absorbs and compensates vibration.

Thermal inertia: the excellent characteristics of absorption, heat displacement, temperature and insulation phasing protect the rooms from excessive summer heat

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