Why build with Wood

100% natural sustainable insulation

Building with wood means creating an eco-sustainable home which is also bio-compatible. The wood used comes from certified forests and is obtained in absolute compliance with the strict regulations regarding forestry

conservation and upkeep- to the benefit not only of futuregenerations but also for those living in the home. Wood ensures the absence of damp, a reduction in dust and protection from electro-smog.

It also represents an advantage in terms of climatization of the home, in fact its high insulating properties mean a warm house in winter and cool one in the summer. Heating costs can be cut by up to 80%

Discover all the benefits
of creating your wooden home

Rapid Construction

A wooden home can be built in one third of the time compared to traditional building methods. The average house construction time is approximately 16 months.

Energy Efficiency

Excellent insulation combined with a total absence of thermal bridges and cold walls make wood a high energy performing material. Wooden panelling in X-lam is three times more resistant to heat than a masonry wall of the same thickness resulting in low energy consumption housing.

Guaranteed Durability

Wood rots because of condensation, not because of damp. Of fundamental importance therefore is the use of breathable materials that allow vapour to escape thus avoiding the formation of mould and fungus. Centuries-old wooden constructions can be found in North America, Japan and Northern Europe. It should also be remembered that the historic buildings in Venice, the Station and Royal Palace in Amsterdam and St Isaac’s Cathedral in St Petersburg all rest on wooden foundations.

Reliable Quotes

Wooden buildings are cheaper than traditional buildings in terms of performance indicators. What’s more, the quoted cost is what you pay, as all possible variables in the design are decided during the design phase and the chances of incurring unforeseen costs are very low.

Your home-made to measure

In a custom-built home, 50% of the work involved is in the project stage. This is where a detailed list of the client’s particular wishes and preferences are taken into consideration and analyzed for maximum performance.

Anti-Seismic Buildings

Wooden supporting structures guarantee maximum safety in the event of an earthquake. Thanks to its elastic properties, to the optimum ratio between its own weight and the load supported as well as its intrinsic flexibility, a wooden building will withstand earthquakes much more efficiently than traditional masonry buildings.

Fire Resistant Material

One of the most widely held and totally mistaken concepts surrounding wood is that it is less resistant to fire. The carbonization rate of wood is 0,7 mm per minute and this layer of charcoal serves as protection for the outer layer ensuring structural integrity for several hours, sufficient time t\o abandon the building, reach safety and allow the fire to be extinguished thus limiting the damage to the building. Prefabricated wooden buildings are also far more easily repairable than steel or concrete structures.

More Living Space

The heat transfer rate of an X-Lam panel is three times lower than a masonry wall of the same thickness. The lower the heat transfer rate, the higher the thermal insulation of the building. To achieve the thermal insulation property of a 30 cm wooden panel, the masonry wall would therefore need to be 90 cm thick.

Ductile Performance

Particularly following the widespread use of X-Lam, wood can be used in any type of construction project, from the more classic to the more contemporary, from multi-storey constructions to mezzanine floors: indeed, thanks to its insulation and lightweight characteristics wood often offers greater performance than other materials.

All inclusive

Legnotech offers several finishing options: from a natural ‘rough’ look to more subtle customised finishes.

Living Comfort

Living in a wooden home means living in a warm, comfortable environment, characterized by a constant micro-climate-just ask those who do!

Green ecology

As a natural, replaceable raw material which is also completely recyclable wood contributes to the production of oxygen in our atmosphere and also to the reduction in C02. The production process requires a limited consumption of energy which is equal to that accumulated and transformed during the growth of the tree itself. Building naturally = Better living


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