We have always been leaders of innovation in wooden home construction

Vision & mission


Professionality and sustainability in wooden home construction

Our goal is to become the point of reference for contractors and designers in the creation of high quality, ecological wooden homes and buildings.
In an ever-changing world, we encourage a sustainable life-style for our clients, staff and our families


Innovation and Customer Service in the development of quality products

Our company’s aim is to build in a healthy, innovative and safe way with zero environmental impact adding a touch of creativity to every project. In order to reach this goal we develop and
perfect innovative construction systems , obtained by the dry assembly of eco-sustainable, recyclable, renewable and non-polluting products. Our company growth has been based on solid,
lasting relationships with our clients and stakeholders guaranteeing them excellent service and maximum satisfaction

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Committment and Professionality in everyday tasks

Every choice we make reflects our values:
from the selection of timber for your wooden home to the creation of the final product, ensuring a safe, pleasant working environment for all our team.


We love wood and through our work we transmit this passion. For us, it is far more than simply just a house made of wood. What we offer our clients is a truly real way of life.


By combining the unique properties of wood and our advanced technological design techniques we are able to offer high quality solutions in the design and planning of the construction.

Environmental Sustainability

As well as being a completely natural resource, wood is the absolute construction material. We attach great importance to the environment; in a world saturated with synthetic materials we create natural high- performance constructions.


We work as a closely-knit team, sharing abilities and knowledge thus generating continued innovation


We build your home the way you want it, using quality wood –and no surprises in the cost.

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