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Why is it so important?

The first approach consists in analyzing the needs of our customers, embodied mainly in designers, construction companies and end users. This stage is managed directly and jointly by the commercial and technical departments of Legnotech S.p.A., that carefully listen to all the requests of the customer.

At this stage it is essential to communicate with the designer, it is the moment when the creative project of the architectural work develops and the product takes shape. The goal is to concentrate everything in one preliminary project where all the parameters necessary to plan and realize the work at the costruction site are summarized.



Pay excellent attention to details

At a second stage the preliminary project is reviewed with a particular attention to building details and to the various constructive elements, up to the end of the planning procedure with the development of the executive project.

At this phase a thorough study concerns structural, technological, thermo-technical, logistical and assembling aspects.


of the order

Targeted and accurate processing

Once the executive project has been drafted, the different elements of the wooden construction are manufactured in the plant, following a CAD-CAM transfer. Every “piece” of the construction is made by numerical-control machines that realize extremely precise processing. During the next phase, every single wooden element is forwarded to a specific line in charge of finishing and surface treatment. In this regard, Legnotech S.p.a. manufacturing plant has two numerical-control machines Hundegger K2 and Hundegger K2i1250, in addition to a finishing-brushing-impregnation machinery Mauri Macchine.


at the construction site

Skilled professionals for high standards

Every single element is subsequently assembled dryly at the construction site. The connections are made using retractable metal connectors in order establish continuous elements that work “in plate”. Our site manager looks after such prefabrication that is implemented by highly qualified installers.



We create wooden homes, buildings, roofs and commercial premises . Wood is the only renewable building material, it is light, it is economical and it insulates effectively from sound and environmental pollution.


We supply
ready-to-live-in homes

Your home reveals who you are
We strive to render your home unique, just the way you want it to be and throughout the construction process we are there to help and advise. We make your dream come true, combining technological innovation and sustainability to welcome you into an exclusive, modern, elegant home which at the same time remains environmentally friendly.

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