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Block - Bau

sistema costruttivo Block Bau

Construction with overlapping logs, particularly common in Central and Northern Europe, is characterized essentially by its simplicity. A building is created by simply placing overlapping logs one on top of another.

Chalet La Cresta - Cervinia(Ao) Progettista: Pier Vittorio Bettiol – Realizzazione: Legnotech spa
Chalet La Cresta - Cervinia(Ao) Progettista: Pier Vittorio Bettiol – Realizzazione: Legnotech spa
Chalet La Cresta - Cervinia(Ao) Progettista: Pier Vittorio Bettiol – Realizzazione: Legnotech spa

Block Bau System- details

This technique is widespread in areas with ample forestry. The overlaying of the logs however inevitably leads to a reduction in the the thickness of the seal near the joint and consequent risk of infiltration of air and water.

To avoid this, various solutions have been developed over time including the introduction of fillers , the cutting of the log ends into rectangular sections to maximise the area of contact between the section sas well as the utilisation of male-female joints.

Logs therefore have grooves cut into their underside , single or double, which then slot into the ridges of the lower log . This gives the structure greater rigidity and provides natural protection against the elements. The technique of fixing logs together sometimes uses a system of wooden dowels and/or steel screw anchors. The stability of the walls and the resistance of the entire structure to lateral forces is obtained via the joining of the walls using special tappings.

The overlapping joints absorb the horizontal forces generated by the roof which is connected directly to the top level beams which also serve as perimeter blocks. Two great advantages of this system are the high degree of thermal inertia and duration over time.


The Benefits of the Block Bau System

- High thermal inertia

- Excellent behavior in winter and summer

- Excellent seismic behavior



We create wooden homes, buildings, roofs and commercial premises . Wood is the only renewable building material, it is light, it is economical and it insulates effectively from sound and environmental pollution.


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